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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kiwi Pie Fitted Diapers

Lucas is a very active little guy now, crawling all over the house. Its really nice to have a diaper that moves with him. Most of his diapers do just this but the best is a fitted diaper like the Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper. When just around the house we use just the Kiwi Pie diaper with out a cover and it lasts about 2 hours before soaking through.

There are so many different fitteds to choose from but we chose Kiwi Pie fitteds because cute prints to be honest but also because the snaps never touch the belly unlike most of the other fitted diapers. These diapers are very gentle to the skin and if we are having any rash issues these are what we turn to for airing the rash area. They are so light and breathe easy.

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The soakers inside of the diaper are great because you can lay them in the diaper how ever you like. They snap together so that you can have more absorbency and you can unsnap them for quick drying. The diaper is made of two layers of bamboo blend and one layer of cotton knit print, meaning very breathable and super soft.

They are one size so they will fit your little one from birth to potty training and yet super trim to fit under any clothing. Even though they are very trim we have loved using these for a night time diaper. We put Lucas to bed at 8pm and we don't have to change him until he wakes up at 8am. Of course we do use a cover when he goes down for a nap or to sleep at night. What I love the best is the way they fit around his legs. He has very chubby legs and they hug his legs in the most gentle way. No red marks, but no leaks which is a very happy ending for us.

If you are still confused about which fitted diaper to use the best thing to do is give a couple different kinds a try but if you don't want exposed snaps on the tummy choosing Kiwi Pie fitted diapers are the way to go.

Styles available: OS, Fitted
Closure: snaps
Cost: $25

Rating: 10
Suggested Place to buy: Kelly's Closet

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