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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flip Stay Dry Review

I am a huge fan of one-size diapers and snap closures -- so when Cotton Babies (the makers of bumGenius!) rolled out the one-size 2-part Flip system, I knew I had to try it!

The Flips are hybrid diapers with three insert options -- organic, disposable, and stay-dry. I have only used the stay dry inserts, though I do use the covers with my regular old prefolds too.

I like that the stay dry insert is one-size with little markings to show you where to fold it down to fit at different stages. I also like the little flap in the front designed to hold the inserts in place. The flap in the back is a little clumsy and doesn't really seem to make any difference (the inserts don't stay under the flap, but they also don't come out the back of the diaper, so either way it just feels like a waste of a piece of fabric).

It was love at first sight, I'm not gonna lie. I was drawn in by the super cute BG colors of ribbit, zinnea, and moonbeam (Flips are now available in all the BG colors) and the stay dry insert blew me away! It was so soft! And when I pulled the liner out of the wash during prepping, wow, it felt like it weighed 5 lbs! I couldn't believe how absorbent it was! But the best part? The stay dry suede was completely dry to the touch! Amazing! I was so excited, I couldn't help but spread the word about this great, affordable option!

... But then ... trouble in paradise. I am usually very, very careful with my diapers. I always try to follow manufacturer guidelines, but, alas, one day one of my covers made it into the dryer. It melted. Melted! Ever the frugal mama, I was determined to keep using it, and it worked fine for a few more months, but then on another particularly trying day, it accidentally made its way back into the dryer. And now it has holes in it. And really, what good is a waterproof cover if it's covered in holes?

Yes, the diapers are awesome, yes, they stand up well when the manufacturer's directions are followed (I know because my other covers are fine), but I can't bring myself to give these diapers a rating higher than an 7 because they literally fall apart if they go in the dryer (we run ours on low for diapers). I know that the melting and the holes were my own fault, but I need forgiving diapers that can take the occasional accidental spin in the dryer in this house.

Styles available: OS with stay dry, organic, or disposable inserts
Closure: snaps
Cost: $16.95-$19.95

Rating: 7
Suggested Place to buy: Diaper Junction

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