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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucky Girl Boutique Detergent

In our household we use Lucky Girl detergent. I was hesitant to buy a powder detegent with a front loader but I just place the cloth diapers in the washer and sprinkle the detergent over them and it works really well. I used to use All Free and Clear detergent but the liquid seemed to leave a residue on the diapers. I searched on Etsy for detergent safe with cloth diapers and a few different ones popped up. I looked at each of them and then I came across Lucky Girl Boutique and noticed that she has mulitple scents to chose from which is awesome. I have two different scents (sun washed linen & ocean mist) that are so fresh and the diapers come out smelling, feeling, and looking very clean. I put the diapers in on cold water wash and rinse the diapers. Then I add one scoop of the detergent in with the diapers on hot wash and then follow up with a hot wash to rinse the diapers of the detergent with an extra rinse.

Here is a list of the scents she offers:
<><>Pretty Pink Petals
<><>Cannabis Rose
<><>Butterfly Kisses
<><>Best Friends
<><>Lemon Sprinkles
<><>Juicy Couture
<><>Blackraspbery jam
<><>Iced Honey
<><>Indian Sandalwood & Vanilla
<><>Lemon Grass & Coconut
<><>Vanilla Lace & Pearls
<><>Vanilla Cinnamon
<><>Pink Cinnamon Hearts
<><>Pink Cupcake
<><>Oatmeal Milk & Honey
<><>Coconut Peach
<><>Baby Pink Cupcake
<><>Champagne Pomegranate
<><>Sugar Champagne
<><>White Diamonds
<><>Happy Go Lucky
<><>Vanilla Champagne
<><>Champagne Pear
<><>Pink Champagne
<><>Cinnamon Buns
<><>Strawberries & Champagne
<><>Cranberries and Fig
<><>Blackberries & Sage
<><>White Grapefruit
<><>Old Spice
<><>Vanilla Carmels
<><>Peppermint Patty
<><>Orange Chocolate
<><>Autumn Magic
<><>Apple Orchard
<><>Best Friends
<><>Vanilla Lavender
<><>Orange Creamsicle
<><>Sweet Tangerine
<><>Hot Toddy
<><>Satin Sheets
<><>White Chocolate Truffle
<><>Baby Bee Buttermilk
<><>Strawbery Cotton Candy
<><>Lemon Pound Cake
<><>Blueberry Muffin
<><>Niagara Falls
<><>Pumpkin Crunch Cake
<><>Creamy Chocolate Cupcake
<><>Flower Child
<><>Angel Wings
<><>Banana Sugar
<><>Orange Buttercream Cupcake
<><>Strawberry Sugar
<><>Cherry Almond
<><>Happy Birthday
<><>Strawberry Banana & Coconut
<><>Blue Raspberry Popsicle
<><>Lemon Coconut & Lime
<><>Pink Mashmallow Cupcake
<><>Lavender Vanilla
<><>Coconut Dream
<><>Banana Peach
<><>Marshmallow Cream Fluff
<><>Love Spell
<><>Marshchino Cherry
<><>Cherry Vanilla
<><>Blueberry Lemon
<><>Honeysuckle Kiss
Info on the detergent copied from her store:
"<>* Special,Original & ECO-Friendly
<>* All natural
<>* Chemical Free
<>* 100% Hypoallergenic
<>* Works great in all temperatures
<>* HE machine compatible
<>* Softens all laundry without fabric softener
<>* Perfect for sensitive skin
<>* Great for Baby Laundry & Diapers too
<>* No residue build-up
<>* Safe for allergy & eczema sufferers
<>* Biodegradable and Phosphate Free
<>* Safe for Septic Systems
<>* Never Animal Tested"

The woman who makes these detergents is very nice and easy to deal with. I have really enjoyed buying through her and will continue. Check out her body soaps too ;-). 

Rating of 10