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Friday, March 5, 2010


AppleCheeks were one of my first cloth diapers. They have gotten very popular recently. The neat thing about these diapers is that they can be a pocket diaper where you can insert the stuffer into the diaper. They can be a cover over your fitted diapers or prefolds because they are a very thin diaper. If you chose to use them as a pocket diaper you do not need to reach into the diaper and remove the insert like you do with most pocket diapers, instead the insert comes out in the wash on its own. I think a lot of people who own this diaper do not know this and think its pretty nasty that the opening is in the middle of this diaper. I remember reading a comment on diaperpin.com from a owner of this diaper who said she thought it was nasty that you had to reach into the poop to get the insert out of the diaper, yes I can see how that would be gross, but this is not the case with these diapers.

We own AppleCheeks in Cherry Tomato size 1. This diaper runs small. It comes in two sizes, size 1 (7-20lbs) and size 2 (20-40lbs). Lucas is 19lbs and it cuts into his legs. The diaper has been through many washes and holds strong and hasn't started to pill like some of the other cloth diapers. It is made very well. The red is very vibrant in color. The diaper has snaps which isn't one of my favorite qualities in a cloth diaper. We love the velcro in this house hold only because Lucas is very squirmy on the changing table. This diaper fits very trim on Lucas but I have heard from other mommies that it is bulky between the legs on their children. If I had to rate this diaper from a 1 (for awful) to a 10(for amazing) I would give it a 8.

Style: AI2
Closure: snaps
Cost: $19


Lucas is a fluffy little boy in more ways than one. The way I'm referring to is cloth diapers. We cloth diaper Lucas. Cloth diapering may not be for everyone and that is fine. I chose to cloth diaper mostly to save a little money in the long run. To stock up on diapers it may not be cheap since most of them are from $13-$25 each. There are cheaper ways to cloth diaper if you chose to do this for your family. I also love how fun and cute cloth diaper can be. I love Lucas in his cloth diapers. I love the fluffy butt under his clothing. Who knew laundry could be so fun. I personally have always hated laundry but baby laundry is pretty fun. 

I've decided to start a blog like other mommies who cloth diaper to review which cloth diapers I have and love and which ones I have and don't love. These will be very personal posts so don't take offense if you like them and I don't or vise versa. Please do comment though if you have something to add. Or if you have any questions. I will try to answer them or pass them on to another cloth diaper mommy who has more experience. 

I must admit I have a Love/Hate relationship with most of my diapers. You'll see why in my following posts.