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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kelly's Closet

Kelly's Closet is the online store that I go back to every time for my cloth diapering needs. They sell almost every popular diaper and accessory. Their customer service is outstanding and who doesn't love a rewards program for products you love to buy?

There are a few things that I look for when buying online. One is free shipping. If there is something I'm looking for I will type into the search engine "blank with free shipping". Another is secure check out, my husband and parents have both guided me correctly about the safety of online shopping. Even though there isn't free shipping technically with Kelly's Closet they do have free shipping when you spend $49 and for me it isn't very often I spend under that when I buy cloth diapers. Plus the more money you spend the more you get back with their awesome rewards program. I have $30 in reward money and I'm trying to decide what to get with it because lets be honest, I don't need anything but always want something cloth diaper related.

The customer service option is really neat. You log into your account and contact them with a little form that they have available and they contact you back almost with in the hour and are very helpful even with the products that aren't even theirs. I recently asked about the Goodmama cloth diapers and why it is that I might be having leaking problems. They quickly found out the answer for me and I was on my way.

Its awesome they have so much of a selection that you rarely have to go any where else for the products you love. I pretty much always find what I'm looking for in one place. They carry most of the awesome brands of cloth diapers, even ones that aren't carried very often by outside retailers.

Right now I don't really feel like I should buy any more diapers but when ever we have our next child I'll be right back on Kelly's Closet ordering some newborn diapers in the Rumparooz or Goodmama department. They have an awesome selection of newborn diapers. They will always be my go to for cloth diapers and accessories.  Thank you Kelly's Closet for making my cloth diapering experience awesome.