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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bum Genius OS, Pocket

Bum Genius cloth diapers are my favorite cloth diaper although there are some things about them I wish they would change. They have the best fit for my almost 20lb son and have been the best fit since he was 7lbs as an infant. We have the pocket, one size diaper. They have a very trim fit under his clothing, yet we have never had a leak with these diapers. The inserts are very absorbent and we haven't had to use a doubler, even at night. My son is a very heavy wetter and have had problems with a lot of our other diapers. Lucas, my son, lasts about 3-4 hours in these diapers and when I remove them they are so heavy you could easily break a window with one but still no leaks. The colors are beautiful to chose from. We have almost all of them colors except the pinks, but I love them so much I am tempted to buy them. ;-)

Even though we have been very happy with this pocket diaper there are some things that make us unhappy about them. In the pocket version, they only come in aplix and if you throw them in the dryer like I do them you know the tabs don't hold up very well and they start grabbing on to other diapers and pilling other diapers. Even though I love aplix because I can never get the snap diapers on my son because he's trying to jump off the table, I wish they would offer them or work on making the laundry tab better. If those two things were to happen I would make the Bum Genius my top used diaper. I bet others would love them more too. I know that there are those who convert them to snaps so I don't see why the company doesn't offer that feature.

Overall the Bum Genius is a great diaper and its the diaper my husband enjoys using the most but would love to see them upgrade the closure of the diaper.

Styles available: Pocket, OS, Organic, Sized, AIO
Closure: snaps/aplix
Cost: $15.95-$24.95

Rating: 9

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